Our CBD Oil

Our CBD Oil Vs. The Competition

We wanted to show you the difference between our hemp oil and the competition, so we bought some hemp oil from one of our competitors to show you the difference.

Lost Lake CBD

Lost Lake CBD's Hemp Oil
      • Contains CBD, THC, CBG and CBC
      • Extracted using CO2.
      • Contains less chlorophyll resulting in a lighter color and much more pleasant natural flavor.
      • Does not contain any residual solvents.
      • Extracted from organic hemp.
      • Very clean oil with no floating plant material.
Lost Lake CBD's Oil at 5000mg CBD

The Competition

Our Competitor's Hemp Oil
  • Contains CBD, THC, CBG, and CBC
  • Extracted using alcohol.
  • Contains large amounts of chlorophyll resulting in a dark color and a strong unpleasant flavor.
  • Contains some residual solvents.
  • Extracted for non-organic hemp.
  • Oil contains a lot of floating plant material.
Our Competitor's Oil at 5000mg CBD