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New Lower Prices Starting Sep. 17th 2020

Starting September 17th we will be lowering the price of most of our products.

5000mg Full Spec:
Was $149.99 -> Now $99.99

2000mg Full Spec:
Was $69.99 -> Now $45.99

1000mg Full Spec:
Was $39.99 -> Now $31.99

500mg Full Spec:
Was $24.99 -> Now $19.99

2000mg THC Free:
Was $69.99 -> Now $45.99

1000mg THC Free:
Was $39.99 -> Now $31.99

500mg THC Free:
Was $24.99 -> Now $19.99

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Coupons for Facebook Reviews

Want to save 25% on your next order? Leave a review for Lost Lake CBD on our Facebook page.

Step 1: Go to:

Step 2: Write a review.

Step 3: Send an email to letting us know that you left a review on Facebook. Please include the name that you left the review under. Once we receive the email and confirm the review, we will send you your coupon code.

Important: Offer is for existing Lost Lake CBD customers only.

Thank you,
Lost Lake CBD